WProofreader is a new ultimate multi-language proofreading tool. It provides both instant and on-click proofreading modes in a new convenient UI.

End users just need to hover on the marked words for instant correction suggestions or click the dialog icon in the bottom right corner to have the whole text proofread at once.

Just a single script is needed to integrate it in all types of editable fields in your web app. The autoSearch feature takes care of detecting new editable fields and enabling proofreading in them automatically.

Here is list of most common uses cases where and how you can use WProofreader in your web app:

  • HTML editable controls such as input or textarea and elements with contenteditable attribute set to ‘true’ e.g. div, iframe;
  • Modern WYSIWYG editors such as CKEditor 4, CKEditor 5, TinyMCE, Froala Editor, Kendo UI, Quill, Redactor, Summernote, ProseMirror, Scribe, Trix, etc.